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The Bokeh Effect

Agata Serge leads the way and shows us how she uses Bokeh to create jaw dropping portraits.

Taught by Agata Serge

Preview Webinar

How to make your good landscapes great

Marcin Sobas' applies his sensitivity to the charms of nature to create great landscapes.

Taught by Marcin Sobas

Make your portraits glow

Jake Hicks shows you how to get creative with light and color. Learn about using colored gels, DIY lighting techniques, post-production, and more.

Taught by Jake Hicks

Shape light to create drama

Zach Sutton brings you into his studio to show you some shadow magic. Learn about using light to create mood, inverse square law, and more.

Taught by Zach Sutton

Bring objects to life

Dina Belenko crafts magical still life photos using food typography.

Taught by Dina Belenko

Dreamy portraits

Jovana Rikalo teaches you about make-up, choosing models, and preparation for taking dreamy portraits.

Taught by Jovana Rikalo

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